Thursday, July 28, 2011

Faith like a child.

Oh how I am working towards having faith like a child.  I never really thought much of the phrase before.  I totally understand what it means now.  We read stories of Jesus to Leah quite often.  She is always so intrigued. She frequently tells us that she is playing with Jesus.  Apparently His favorite color is green (which makes perfect sense to me as He did create the earth, and it's pretty green!), and He loves playing with Payton and Bailey... but for some reason Delko and Penny never play with Him.  She will just randomly tell us how He's playing doll house with her, or how He wants to go play outside in the water with her (haha, she might sneak that one in to get us to take her outside).  Regardless, she believes Jesus is here; she believes He wants to play with her and He loves her.  It is amazing.

Recently every time she gets hurt instead of kissing her boo boo, we ask Jesus to heal her.  She has now started doing it all by herself.  It normally goes like this, "Dear Lord (or Jesus), healing me!!  Amen!!  All better!!"  It is beyond cute, and she now relies on Him to make her feel better.  She believes He will take care of her, and it is so wonderful to see.

She loves reading her toddler Bible and learning about Jesus' life here on earth.  Right before Christmas I want to get her this so we can act out and learn about Jesus' birthday.  Cavan and I are so excited to watch our kids grow and love the Lord.  It is an experience I will treasure forever.

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  1. Grace will randomly tell people that Jesus will heal them. <3