Saturday, July 30, 2011


Leah was a dream to potty train.  She picked it up so easily... well, at least number one.  She would always wait until night time when we put her diaper on to go number two.  So, we would give her a bath, put her diaper on, and about 20 minutes later, we would go back upstairs, change her diaper, and put her back to bed again.  This happens every single night like clock work.

A few days ago I have been catching her as she is going so she finishes in the potty.  I left her potty in her room yesterday forgetting to take it out.  I was checking the monitor to make sure I catch her standing up.  I got completely distracted and forgot about checking.  Once I heard her moving around I panicked.  I checked the monitor and to my complete surprise, she was taking off her diaper and sitting on her potty.  We let her sit on it until she called for us.  We were so proud to find a surprise in her potty... she finally pooped in the potty all by herself.

Now that we know she will do it, we remembered when she was younger she used to hide every time... so I really think she just likes to be alone... who doesn't??  I am so proud of Leah, and she is working her way towards a bike... she's so excited!

I snapped a picture of her on the monitor.. I am sure she's going to hate it when she gets older... but I am so proud, I have to share!!

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